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Upgrade to version 3.1.1

  • Fixed Find and Add dialog box
  • Added new fields in PDF for Contract, Contract Supplement and Specification.
  • Added a select of language layer in PDF for Letters, Contracts and Additions to Contracts
  • Added moderation of the content of custom fields for the Catalog Goods Item Card
  • Created functionality and the "Tariff plan" tab in the account profile
  • Added checks for limits when establishing a partnership using a referral link
  • Added functionality for filtering date fields
  • Created the functionality of restricting the display of documents to the user depending on the date of its creation
  • Fixed functionality of adding contact in chat
  • Added sign of invited user (FREEUS) to CRM CO & ORG.
  • Added automatic check of the number of invited users (FREEUS) for limits depending on tariffs
  • Added display of partner roles on the crm_contact_org grid
  • Changed display of names of partners on document forms
  • Created a BPEL block change on paired business processes
  • Created functionality for removing VTD notification from the calendar on paired business processes
  • Created a mechanism for auto-updating the calendar
  • Added the ability to revoke an Inquiry after accepting it by the Seller
  • Added EDD field validation (cannot be earlier than ESD)
  • Added the ability to insert images from the clipboard and camera into the Chat dialog
  • Added an indication of the author on the Catalog Goods Item Card
  • Fixed mapping of PI GDS or INV GDS fields created from QUOT GDS
  • Fixed display of module names in the user profile and on the company card
  • Updated and corrected menu translations, static fields, document form’s fields and lists
  • Created the functionality of account profile moderation
  • Fixed mapping of fields when creating a one-time request from the Market
  • Added the ability to view partner data in the partner selection window for multi-sending documents
  • Made export of only filled fields of a document
  • Fixed export / import of paired fields
  • Added a hint in the profile for the web_site field
  • Added VTD field to INV form
  • Fixed display of surnames and first names for Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese languages
  • Fixed forms INQ DLV, QUOT DLV and their PDF
  • Created the functionality of importing an archive (document + attachments, separately document and attachments) into the Catalog
  • Created a functionality for importing Contracts
  • Made a reduction of the stamp when loading up to 200px in height
  • Added the ability to upload photos from the camera for the logo, printing of the company and registration certificate
  • Fixed filter work on document grids
  • Fixed display of logo on PDF
  • Fixed display of the name of events on the calendar
  • Added the option "do not print blank fields" to the PDF document output dialog box
  • Added "Expired" status for some documents
  • Created a check for the VTD fields to change the document to "Expired" status

Changes made to the Market

  • Added COO and full company / organization name
  • Added a list of companies and filtering by name
  • Added display of information about the company when selected in the filter
  • Added a link “Add a company to my Suppliers”

  • 2021-01-01

Update to version 3.0.0

  • Improved functionality of filter
  • Added functionality for managing dynamic fields in the "Form Settings"
  • Improved translations
  • Created a new type of Contract - "Agreement"
  • Added a new type of partner - Individual
  • Added the ability to display all your Goods Item Cards and available for viewing Seller’s Catalog Goods Item Cards
  • Added the ability to display in the "Find and Add" window all your Goods Item Cards and available for viewing Seller’s Catalog Goods Item Cards
  • Added the ability to assign all functional roles in the user profile to your account
  • Changes have been made to the functionality of the referral link for joining clients.
  • Improved PDF of Catalog Goods Item Card.
  • Fixed display of paired fields on the form of documents when adding language layers
  • Fixed PDF of Contract
  • Fixed problem with hidden required fields on the document form
  • Added display of "Deleted" status in CRM CO & ORG
  • Fixed display of EXUS on forms in the drop-down list
  • Fixed PDF for QOUT DLV forms
  • Added autosave functionality to forms of documents
  • Made edits to the documents editing session expire notification dialog
  • Added translations of action buttons on grids of documents
  • Improved Contract form
  • Changes have been made to the PDF of the Contract
  • Fixed VTD field validation
  • Added "midname" and "country" fields to CRM PEOPLE

  • 2020-12-01

Update 2.3.5

  • Created new document/process INQ DLV - Inquiry (Delivery)
  • Created new document/process QUOT DLV - Quotation (Delivery)
  • Added translations for the Main Menu - calendar and abbreviations
  • Created a new element for the document form: summing dynamic fields in QUOT DLV - Quotation (Delivery)
  • Added new functionality - hints for fields (question mark)
  • Fixed and added translations of dynamic fields, business roles, static fields
  • Fixed substitution of language data for CONTR - Contract
  • Changes have been made to the forms of Goods Item Cards - a reverse cross-calculation to calculate GIU GW – Goods Item Unit Gross Weight
  • Fixed display of dynamic field in QUOT DLV - Quotation (Delivery)
  • Changes have been made to the INCOTERMS 2020 field - added a drop-down list of preset values ​​and a field with text input
  • Fixed display of first and last name for Chinese language
  • Fixed output of the PDF file name for letters - a more understandable name is generated when downloading
  • The button for displaying the ModifyPrices window has been moved to the grid of the tabular section
  • Developed new design of icons for grids
  • To select the display of documents on the market, the selection of the display country is placed on the document header
  • Fixed validation for hidden fields on the server side

  • 2020-11-01

Update 2.3.1

  • replaced the MOS – Mode field with select
  • Created TASK MGR & CAL – Task Manager & Calendar Module
  • Created notifications mailing function
  • Created the functionality of adding photos to document attachments by shooting with a camera.
  • Created a mechanism to track the deletion or change of the catalog parent card
  • Added translations in comments to fields and document
  • Added binding of the Catalog Card and Inquiries to countries - you can select the region and country of display
  • Fixed selection of the row of the record on the Catalog grid
  • Added translations for BPEL object buttons
  • Fixed creation of CONTR TEMPL - Contract Templates
  • In BPEL blocks the statuses "Partially paid" and "Fully paid"
  • Added additional fields for signed documents - Position and Name of the signatory
  • Fixed the Contract Form .
  • Added the ability to record a contact as a private person.
  • In LET - Letters added the ability to select a private person in the "Addressee" field
  • Fixed BFrole name in LET - Letters
  • Created segment LET TEMPL (Letter Templates)

  • 2020-10-01

Update 2.2.6

  • Fixed display of archived documents data
  • Improved PDF printing of SPEC – Specifications Documents
  • A new module "BIZ CORR - Business Correspondence" has been created
  • A LET - Letters segment has been created in the BIZ COR – Buziness Correspondence module
  • For PI - Proforma Invoices and INV - Invoices additional statuses "Partially paid" and "Fully paid" have been created
  • Updated Main Menu
  • Added translations text in chats
  • Improved management of access to modules and segments of ACCUS - Account Users
  • Created saving of the last opened section
  • Improved navigation in the date selection calendar - added "TODAY" button and month and year selections
  • Created segment CONTR TEMPL – Contract Templates.
  • Created the ability to copy documents (related and independent copies) of a number of documents. Now copies can be created from all documents that have a tabular section.
  • A new attribute has been added to the catalog card in the "Visibility" field: "Visible only for the Account Administrator"
  • Created a functional reminder of the imminent end of the 24-minute session (5 minutes before the end) and the extension of the session.
  • Fixed multi-mailing of documents

  • 2020-09-01

Update 2.2.4 - 2.2.5

Significant new features and document / processes:

  • "Transport documents" segment has been created
  • Created document/processes "Packing list" in "Transport documents" segment
  • In the "Contract documents" segment were created the following document /processes: "Purchase order", "Commercial offer", "Specification"
  • In the website was created “Market” page where ITB users catalogs of goods can be published.
  • In our web-market the Inquiry page is created - any visitors can place their Inquiries of goods there. These Inquiries can be received by users of the ITB system
  • A new feature is created in forms - “Multiple Fields Text Changes” – new text can be added in front or behind existing text or completely replace text
  • Created the functionality of linking a document to two parent documents
  • Added Copy & Paste function for Attachments

Improvements and amendments:

  • When selecting countries in the "Country of origin" the last 10 selected countries are fixed to the top of the list, and the last selected Country is shown on the top of list;
  • Improved display of prefix and document number;
  • Fixed synchronization of bank accounts when deleting one of the accounts;
  • Added the option to choose to receive email notifications in the User Profile;
  • Improved search and filtering function in segment grids;
  • Created functionality for pre-moderation of catalog cards and Inquiries when published in the Market on the website;
  • When saving a form, if any field contains an error of the content type, then the web page is scrolled to this field with an error;
  • Improved the functionality of translating form fields, static system texts, notifications and other texts;
  • Added new languages to the site - Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Portuguese;
  • Created a system of Abbreviations for the names of form fields.

  • 2020-08-01


of new features and documents in the ITB system in June 2020:

  • Specification, which is an Appendix to the Contract
  • Booking for sea, air, railway, auto and multimodal transportation
  • Packing lists with the calculation of loading packages, goods packing, detailed product information. Able to account for consignment at LCL in one packing list. The ability to separate and combine the packing list for different types of processes and in PDF printing form. Formation of a commodity report with the division of freight data (NW, GW, volume, cost, etc.) according to the HS code of goods.

Which of the above documents do you consider the most important and urgent? What fields and information in your opinion should be written in these documents, what interactions should the document / process have, to which other documents should it have connections?

Please send your suggestions and comments to the following address: with the heading Re: Announcement of new features and documents in the ITB system

  • 2020-06-01

System-wide ITB platform update

A new major Inter Trade Bridges platform update to version 2.2.3

We continue active development of new functions and processes, the improvement of usability and amenities of managing foreign trading with our platform.

New features and capabilities:

  • Added a new feature of group change prices (percentage change or fixed value) in the tabular section (goods items form)
  • Created exporting “Contract” document to a CSV file
  • Created the functionality of pre-moderation of documents before their external viewing and monitoring existing documents.
  • Added color highlighting of lines of records in the "Catalog" grid to show cards under moderation or banned for external viewing.
  • Improved functionality of moderation of catalog cards for external viewing
  • Created an automatic catalog card filtering system for stop-words
  • Added service messages and notifications when moderating catalog cards possible for external viewing.
  • Added PDF printing options for “Correction / Addition to the contract”
  • Added some options and some changes are made in the PDF print dialog window
  • Added and fixed mappings for Catalog cards and “Payment documents”
  • Added and fixed PDF form for catalog cards
  • Added and fixed PDF form for ”Contract” documents
  • Improved Catalog card visibility feature for external viewing
  • Added the function of copying a link to a document (the same link that is in the QR code)
  • Updated list of countries in the ITB system
  • The dialog box for output to PDF has been improved:
    • the choice of creating documents has been added:
      • print a single document;
      • print a document and goods item cards in one file;
      • savea document, goods item cards with attachments in a ZIP file.
  • Added a function in the form of a document in case of failure to save data, scrolling on the screen and showing a field with erroneous data
  • Improved administration of access to certain functions for users of a scientific account with limited rights - a ban on deleting catalog cards has been introduced, deletion is allowed only for the account administrator

New documents:

  • in the “Contracts” segment a new document “Correction and addition to the contract” has been added which is an appendix to the Contract

Bug and bug fixes, improvements:

  • Fixed QR code link to PDF catalog card
  • Changed the forms of the Contract and the Contracts grid
  • Fixed search and search filtering in a grid of documents
  • Fixed, corrected and added some translations

  • 2020-05-29

System-wide ITB platform update

Another major system update to version 2.2.1

We are in the stage of active development of new functions and processes.

New features and capabilities:

  • New segment - Contractual. Contract builder. Bilingual contract. The approval and acceptance process, print of facsimile in PDF document form;
  • An updated PDF output mechanism for quotation, inquiry, proforma-invoice, invoice and catalog items;
  • New functionality - copying a catalog card;
  • New functions for choosing and deleting of bank account records;
  • Fixing some bugs when copying documents;
  • Fixing of bugs in displaying version records of documents;
  • Improved fields printing in PDF;
  • Created notifications when receiving and changing the status of an invoice and proforma invoice;
  • Added a “Read” button for the catalog card;
  • Fixed display of currency in segment grids;
  • Fixed translation of names of segments;
  • Added the IBAN field to the bank details;
  • Added functionality for substituting partner data when copying a document;
  • Fixed the display of currencies on the forms of goods item cards in inquiries and quotations;
  • Added the ability to upload multiple images of logos and the choice of the active image;
  • Added and fixed some translations.

  • 2020-03-18

System-wide ITB platform update

Major update of the system to version 2.1.1.

We have improved system performance, optimized processes, and made a number of significant changes: added new functions and documents, fixed a number of bugs

New features and capabilities:

  • Added a new segment “Payment documents” and it’s processes
  • Added a number of new fields and links between documents
  • Added the ability to display the document completely in the language of the layer
  • Improved the process of generating PDF. A number of improvements and functions for outputting forms to PDF were added (created some rules, added attachments, QR codes, custom fields, scan of facsimile embedding, etc.)
  • Extension of document copying functionality
  • Introduction of continuous numbering for documents
  • Added new functionalities (deletion, selection of priority display, viewing in a pop-up window) in the organization’s attachments and possibility of viewing attached registration documents in CRM by partners
  • Updated currency symbols - added international currency codes
  • Added new action buttons
  • Added translations into system languages
  • Added validation for the difference of the specified currencies in the tabular part (lines) of the documents

New documents:

  • A new type of document is created - “Proforma Invoice”
  • A new type of document is created – “Invoice”

Bugs and mistakes fix:

  • Correction of translations
  • Correction of column names in grids
  • Fixed errors displaying fields in forms
  • Correction of rules for editing records in CRM - prohibition of changes of key data
  • Fixed notification by e-mail after registration in the ITB system

  • 2020-01-01


TAU INTEGRATION SYSTEMS company takes part in the 9th APEC Small & Medium Enterprises Technology Conference and Fair@Shenzhen PRC (14-16 July 2016) consisting of Cyberport Hong Kong presenting InterTradeBridges program. We are in the Hall #1 booth #21

  • 2016-07-14

System-wide ITB platform update

A brief overview of changes:

  • Added public profile
  • Added page loading visualization
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in incorrect operation forms
  • Fixed multilanguage layers to form data
  • Fixed chat
  • Fixed bugs in the user profile
  • Rewrite the mail texts
  • Improved caching

  • 2015-11-13

Webinar: Introduction to ITB online service version 2.01 (in English)

Date and time: October 27, 2015, 10:00 - 12:00

Introduction to ITB online service version 2.01 for trade companies engaged in import-export operations, purchasing and sales departments of manufacturing companies - new features and functions.

Please follow the link to register as participant in webinar:

For additional information please contact at e-mail:

  • 2015-10-16

System-wide ITB platform update

ITB platform has recently been updated to a newer version, bringing in new features and bugfixes. Here is a brief overview of changes:

  • A lot of improvements in Excel files export/import process:
    1. you can now choose if you want to export/import only part of the document or the whole document
    2. you can now import in a completely new document, never saved before
    3. more detailed warning messages about columns not found during import
    4. all the export/import messages are fully translated to all platform supported languages
  • A new secure password reset feature added
  • You can now edit your company profile
  • Improved the copy of the custom fields process
  • Partners invitation process improved: you can now withdraw your invitation, also, you will get a notification about the successful registration of the invited partner
  • You'll see your partner company name in your native language now in case your partner had it translated
We are constantly working on adding new features and making the system even more reliable and easy to use. Please keep an eye for the updates on our website to stay informed of all the latest advances!

  • 2015-05-06

System-wide ITB platform update

ITB platform has recently been updated to a newer version, bringing in new features and bugfixes. Here is a brief overview of changes:

  • Added new cool import from Excel files option!
  • Lots of look and feel improvements and technical bugfixes
We are constantly working on adding new features and making the system even more reliable and easy to use. Please keep an eye for the updates on our website to stay informed of all the latest advances!

  • 2015-04-27

System-wide ITB platform update

Our platform has recently been updated to a newer version, bringing in a number of new features and bugfixes. Here is a brief overview of changes:

  • Added export to Excel/PDF features
  • A lot of enhancements for internal chat functionality
  • You can now contact ITB support directly from the system interface by clicking on big "?" sign in the top right corner
  • Inviting partners to the system is now even more simple and straightforward
  • Lots of look and feel improvements and technical bugfixes
We are constantly working on adding new features and making the system even more reliable and easy to use. Please keep an eye for the updates on our website to stay informed of all the latest advances!

  • 2015-04-08

Invite-only alpha testing phase started!

We are happy to announce that alpha testing of ITB platform services was launched! Unfortunately, it is a closed cycle invite-only testing for now, but please keep an eye for the updates on our website, as we are opening up soon! For all of you, who are interested in a free trial testing of the service, please drop an email to and we'll send you an invite.

  • 2015-01-01

First online appearance

Our first corporate website went live on December 19, 2014. Take a pick on how it looked back then:

  • 2014-12-19

Joining Open Innovations Forum in Moscow, Russia

We are pleased to announce that our company joined a youth program of Open Innovations Forum in Moscow, Russia!
See more details about the forum here:
This report coveres hot topics of urging demand for good cloud based foreign trade automation services, specifics of working with Chineese market and our company latest developments in business partnership collaboration technologies driving our service.

  • 2014-10-14