Inter Trade Bridges Foreign trade on the cloud!

ITB Platform - is a multilingual dynamic E-Business platform, which allows any Import-Export company to gather all it’s suppliers, buyers and other partners in its arms. Our platform has the back-office to create and manage all standard trading documents, collaborate with partners and workers, keep all the tracking information in the document chain, communicate on chat with all the responsible on its and partner side over every document between them. Our front -office is a web market where all catalogues of users can be published to be seen by any viewer, get full information about goods itself and sufficient information for logistic, customs and other needs, and start purchasing process easily. There is also a page of Inquires where any visitor can place it’s Inquiry. Inter Trade Bridges ® has dynamic forms builders. With drag and drop one may build complex forms, workflow business processes, data grids, PDF reports, two kind of Chats and many other useful options and features. Those elements would be available for all the partners as well as might be embedded on the company web site, by just coping there a URL, generated in the ITB system. Like we do with the address on Google maps, when we want to post it in our web site’s contact information. ITB business system may be easily integrated with the customer and partners internal business systems, by having built-in most commonly used integration mechanisms: WSDL, FTP upload, HTTP-push. ITB also may become itself a customer business management system, as it has all necessary and up to date tools for building one. Try it now!

Our advantages

Speed – fast inquiry and quotation processing - creation, collaboration, search!

Visuality – documents structure is clear, their current status, chain of related documents, changes history and comments are all shown!

Effectiveness – the ability to mass-mailing to your contacts and processing of inquiry and quotation! Multiuser system.

Saving money – does not require highly paid adjusters and experts in trading activities to create processing of inquiry and quotation!

Easy to use – the availability of the service from any location, the ability to work remotely and multilingual environment, visual and intuitive interface.

Informative – the most complete information on the inquiry and quotation! All the documents contain the entire history of changes, attachments, correspondence and comments. Showing the whole chain of related documents. You also have the ability to create their own document templates.

Organizational amenities

Remote Office – Wherever you are and wherever your employees or freelancers - you all can work productively in shared process. First of all it is document collaboration, task management.

Automation of standard processes of creation, processing and managing of documents. Documents are sent automatically to any number of your partners in the ITB. The forms are standardized and automatically calculates the parameters of the goods (the sum of the total weight, volume, etc.).

Storage and Recovery of Data. Information is not lost anymore: all the related documents are seen in the chain, all the explanations, and attachments are stored in the document. Save, restore and pass relevant information using “import and export documents” function.

Why ITB program is useful exactly for your company

Organizational amenities – Using ITB interaction with contractors will be easier and faster. ITB means low cost of mass search for a product or notifying clients about your product or service!

For medium-sized businesses – ITB is your indispensable assistant, and a useful tool to communicate with trading partners and the coordination of its own staff. For managers ITB means an easier access to any information entered in the account of your company (the data about the product, company correspondence) and its analysis. Visibility of the processes, the control of execution of tasks and stages of passing documents. Wide range of administration of personnel access to commercial information and actions within your account.

For large companies – ITB a great way for cooperation with SME, cost-effective tool for working with contractors that do not use ERP. Convenient design of visualized building business processes and the use of form builders will allow you to create your individual corporate system.

Provide your customers and suppliers to make free use of the program ITB!

Create your own private network with suppliers and customers. They can use almost all the advantages of ITB platform.

Invitation to the system quickly and conveniently. Your cooperation in the processing of inquiry and quotation will now be standardized and unified.

We are a highly motivated team of architects of software systems, developers, system administrators, business users, who love their job and treat customers as valued partners. Let's grow together and welcome to our ITB community.

ITB Team

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